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‘Rocks that do things’ is an invitation to think about rocks that do things. Although we might think of rocks as famously static, steadfast, and inert, upon closer inspection this may not always be the case. Anna is looking to gather examples of these agentic rocks. Cards will be distributed around Flamm eateries, inviting members of the public to add their own rocky examples to the collection.

This activity is for everyone and there is no wrong way to interpret it! Your response can be written, drawn, collaged – whatever you prefer.

Ideally Anna would like to collect in the cards after the event is over, for use in her future work. (But obviously if you would like to take it home with you, we can’t stop you!)

About the Artist

Anna Harris is an artist interested in deep time, ‘thingness’, the Anthropocene, ‘vibrant matter’, man-made geology, and material agency. Often working with found ‘things’, curated alongside sculpture, drawing, and text, she plays with scientific methodologies and modes of classification, subverting them to imagine new taxonomies free from the anthropocentric gaze.

After graduating from Falmouth School of Art in 2022, Anna’s work has been exhibited across the UK, as well as being featured in a number of publications, the most recent being part of British Art Show 9. She works from her studio in a granite quarry in Mabe Burnthouse, near Penryn.

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21 October, 2023 @ 11:00 am
22 October, 2023 @ 6:00 pm
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