NOW CLOSED: Commissions Open Call

Creative Kernow is seeking proposals from Cornwall-based artists and collectives for four commissions as part of an exciting new event, Flamm, in partnership with Art Night.

Deadline: Midnight 7th June 2023

About Flamm

Flamm ( is a pilot visual art-led event that brings internationally and nationally important work to Cornwall, enables ambitious new work by locally-based artists and engages communities and visitors in its multi-layered programme.

For its pilot year, Flamm will be based in Redruth and will take place over one weekend in October 2023. The event will use a variety of spaces throughout the town for screenings, exhibitions, activities, talks and performances.

For 2023, we are working with the theme of Change.

Our vision is for Flamm to continue as an annual or biennial event, moving across Cornwall, with a new location and theme for each iteration.

Art Night Commissions

In addition to the four new commissions, Flamm will present two commissions from the UK’s biennial national contemporary art festival of Art Night, which this year takes place in Dundee on 24 June 2023.

These works will be by artists Heather Phillipson and Richy Carey.

Heather Philippson’s Art Night commission is titled Dream Land (working title), a multi-part project that remixes and revoices archival BBC wildlife footage alongside her own sounds and images and is co-commissioned with Art Fund as part of their Wild Escapes programme.

Richy Carey will present {stereo – type – music} an installation and publication which emerges from his work with choirs, community groups and other collaborators from across Dundee. The work considers how publishing practices can shape the ways we listen to each other, and the kinds of music that can be created from collectively composed scores.

Open Call

As part of Flamm, we are commissioning four new works by artists or collectives based in Cornwall & Isles of Scilly. These commissions aim to enrich the Flamm programme, engage audiences in new ways and support contemporary artists living and working in Cornwall by enabling them to make and present new and ambitious work. The commissions will be presented to the public in Redruth in October 2023 as part of the Flamm event, and we welcome different forms of presentation for both in and outdoor spaces.

Platforma 7 Co-commission

We are excited to be working with Counterpoints who will include one of the four commissions in their Platforma 7 programme.

Platforma is a festival with partners in different parts of the UK every two years. This October the 7th festival will take place in the South West. A wide range of work is presented relating to migration and displacement, along with conversations, network development and shared learning.

For the Platforma 7 co-commission we are looking for work that addresses themes of displacement and place-making, with particular reference to Cornwall. We are also interested in connections to other aspects of diversity and social justice.  In addition to everything offered to all commissioned projects, the artist / collective awarded the Platforma 7 co-commission will be supported by members of the Counterpoints Arts team and offered the chance to connect with other artists and organisations involved in the Platforma programme. As with all four Flamm commissions, the artist must be living and working in Cornwall.

What Else is Involved

The 4 selected artists / collectives will be supported by the Creative Kernow team in developing and presenting their commissioned work. Additionally, Art Night curators and artists will offer group mentoring sessions, a visit to Art Night Dundee in late June, and site visits in Redruth in October.

The selected artists will also have the opportunity to deliver workshops and/or mentor earlier career / graduate artists in the run up to the main event in October. Additional fees are available for these activities – see ‘Budget’ for details.

The elements above are supported by Cultivator, funded by European Regional Development Fund, European Social Fund, Cornwall Council and Arts Council England.

All commissioned artists / collectives are expected to participate in public relations, marketing, documentation and evaluation of Flamm overall.


  • 7th June: Open Call Deadline
  • 19th June: Artists Selected
  • June – September: Mentoring and Support sessions from Art Night and Creative Kernow
  • Late June: Visit to Art Night Dundee
  • End of July: Event programme finalised
  • Late October: Festival (over one day or a weekend, TBC)
  • November: Debrief and Evaluation


Each commissioned artist /collective will be awarded £6,000 to cover their fee, expenses and material / production costs. The awardees can choose how to use the budget between fee, expenses and material / production, however, we want to see at least £2000 of the award go towards the artist’s/collective’s fee.

In addition, up to £2000 is available per commission to cover the costs associated with the presentation at Flamm, including but not limited to venue costs, equipment, tech support and invigilation/delivery assistance. Further information about the budget can be found in the Application Guidance Notes.

A further fee of up to £2000 is available for selected artists / collectives who are delivering workshops and/or mentoring.

Who Can Apply

You must:

  • be working professionally as an artist or collective;
  • live and work in Cornwall or Isles of Scilly;
  • have public liability insurance and be registered with HMRC (as self-employed or other entities if you are a collective).

Assessment Criteria

A. Suitability of the Proposal

  • Is the proposed project a good fit for the programme – how well does it address the themes;
  • Will the project engage with the audience effectively and provide a meaningful experience;
  • Is the project realistic and deliverable within the timeframe and budget;
  • [for Platforma 7 co-commission only] will it address the themes of Platforma 7;

B. Track Record & Quality of Work

  • Is the quality of their work well presented in the portfolio submitted;
  • Has the applicant demonstrated the relevance of their proposal to their practice and their ability to deliver all aspects of the project;

C. Opportunity for Development

  • Will this enable the applicant to produce new and ambitious work;
  • Will this make a significant positive impact on the artist’s work / career.

Further information about the criteria and how the application questions address them can be found in the Application Guidance Notes.

Selection Panel

  • Jowdy Davey – Trustee, Lowender CIO & Cornish Language Lead, Cornwall Council
  • James Green – Director, Newlyn Art Gallery & Exchange
  • Jack Morrison – Director, Creative Communities, Creative Kernow
  • Helen Nisbet – Artistic Director, Art Night

Additional Panelist for Platforma 7 Co-commission

  • Dijana Rakovic, Senior Producer, Counterpoints Arts

How to Apply

Application Deadline Midnight Wednesday 7th June 2023

All applicants must fill in the online form here, you will be able to save and edit your proposal before submitting. We strongly recommend all applicants consult the Application Guidance Notes while filling in the application form.

An information event on Flamm and this opportunity was hosted by Flamm Producer Tonia Lu, Art Night Artistic Director Helen Nisbet and Counterpoints Senior Producer Dijana Rakovic on Friday the 26th of May, you can find the recording of the event here – the recording only covers the presentations and some initial questions for the privacy of attendees, other questions asked at the session can be found in the FAQs below.

If you have any enquiries, please email Tonia Lu at, at least 2 working days before the deadline, we will aim to get back to you within 2 working days.


We aim to inform all artists by the 19th of June.

Yes, if you are applying as a long-term collaborative practice, you can apply as long as one of the key collaborators lives and works in Cornwall. If you would like to collaborate with someone outside of Cornwall for this project specifically, we would encourage you to carefully consider the challenges you may have within the time frame and budget, and address those in your application.

We welcome all interpretations of the theme, and we have decided on the theme because of its openness and relevance to many people.
Both the video and audio applications can be creative or just speaking. We don’t expect professionally edited/produced video/audio, this is a way to enable you to express your ideas in the best way you can.

We would like to be as open as possible for proposed ideas and will identify suitable spaces with the artists once the commissions are selected. If you have a space in mind and you are confident that it’s available, please do mention that in the proposal; if you are unsure if it’s available, please provide a plan B.

If you have an idea of the type of spaces you’d like to work with, but are unsure whether that’s available in Redruth, please get in touch with your idea at least two working days before the deadline, so we can advise and help.

If your practice naturally links to their work, then we would welcome proposals connected to their work. The connection or the lack of would not be part of the selection process/criteria.

It will be a collaborative process, and all panellists are expected to follow the criteria laid out in the call out documents. The Platforma 7 co-commission will be selected separately, with the additional requirements in mind.

Yes, if that works well with your practice and can fit in with the timeline.

Creative Kernow’s Creative Communities’ team will provide support to the selected projects, however, we don’t have additional budget set aside for people to engage their own support. We will look for additional funding to enable this.

We are keen to be open and flexible on this. Art Night Dundee will take place on the 24th of June, there will be a budget allocated for each successful artist/collective, and you can make travel arrangements that may suit you.