About Flamm

flamm noun; plural noun: flammow
1. flame
2. also used in flamm nowedh adj. meaning brand new

Flamm is a pilot visual art-led event that brings internationally and nationally important work to Cornwall, enables ambitious new work by locally-based artists and engages communities and visitors in its multi-layered programme.

For its pilot year, Flamm was based in Redruth and took place over the weekend of 21-22 October 2023. The event used a variety of spaces throughout the town for screenings, exhibitions, activities, talks and performances.

For 2023, we worked with the theme of Change.

Our vision is for Flamm to continue as an annual or biennial event, moving across Cornwall, with a new location and theme for each iteration.

The Flamm Team

Programme Producer
Tonia Lu

Production Manager, Operation & Marketing
Catherine Mountford

Production Manager, Tech & Artist Support
Liam Jolly

PR & Communication
Lauren Webb, Roscoe Communications

Graphic Support
Natasha Batorijs

Creative Kernow Team
Jack Morrison, Claire Marshall, Karen Mac,
Jane Sutherland, Karen Raymond

We would also like to thank all interns and volunteers involved in the making of Flamm

About Redruth

Redruth (Cornish: Resrudh) was a medieval town of the 1300s, growing around the ford of a stream so discoloured with iron oxide from tin mining that it ran red. The Cornish for ford is Rhys and red is Ruth, hence the name Redruth.

It gained a market and fair in 1533 but remained insignificant until the copper mining boom in the 1700s. This catapulted it into functioning as the principal market for the central mining district and centre of the richest square mile in the World.

The Lamb and Flag is the emblem for the town. It was a mark used by Cornish tin smelters to stamp tin ingots.

Est-Population: 15,450

Flamm was born from a partnership between Creative Kernow and Art Night. With over 20 years of experience working with communities and creatives in Cornwall, Creative Kernow sees what a new event could bring different communities in Cornwall together, as well as raise the profile of work made in Cornwall. We reached out to Art Night, an established, inclusive and well-recognised event that originated in London, originally to bring artwork from Art Night Dundee 2023 to Cornwall while engaging communities and supporting artists.

Through these conversations, we see the opportunity to expand and raise funding to give Cornwall-based artists the opportunity to make new work and create projects that are ambitious, yet of relevance and interest to our communities. And Flamm became the new platform that will show these new work along with Art Night commissions.

Friday Late presented by BLM fest, V&A, 2022, Ishimwa Muhimanyi. © Marcia Chandra / Counterpoints Arts
Friday Late presented by BLM fest, V&A, 2022, Ishimwa Muhimanyi. © Marcia Chandra / Counterpoints Arts

Platforma 7 Co-commission

We are excited to work with Counterpoints who have included two of Flamm’s four new commissions in their Platforma 7 programme.

Platforma is a festival produced by Counterpoints Arts with partners in a different part of England every two years. This October the 7th festival took place across the South West. A wide range of work was presented relating to migration and displacement, along with conversations, network development and shared learning.
Counterpoints Arts is a leading national organisation in the field of arts, migration and cultural change.


Creative Kernow
Art Night