Commissioned Projects

Artists Richy Carey and Heather Phillipson present work originally commissioned for Art Night Dundee, and was launched in June 2023. We’ve also commissioned four brand new works by Cornwall-based artists Sovay Berriman, Patrick Lowry, Abigail Reynolds and Then Try This responding to our theme of Change.

  • Gwyrdh Glas – Sovay Berriman

    Explore contemporary Kernewek (Cornish) cultural identity and its relationship with heritage, land, and extraction industries, including tourism and mining.

  • {stereo – type – music} – Richy Carey

    A Surround Sound Work And An Accompanying Newsprint Publication Of Scores, Stories, Letters And Texts, Exploring How Different Publishing Practices Can Inform The Ways We Listen To Each Other.

  • Metro: Red River Line – Patrick Lowry

    Imagining how the future of Redruth might look if it appropriated Rapid Transport systems that exist and are being developed in cities and large urban conurbations.

  • Dream Land – Heather Phillipson

    A new film by Heather Phillipson which incorporates archival BBC wildlife footage, recast as hallucination.

  • Core – Abigail Reynolds

    An invitation to move to the rhythms and sounds of a quarry which has been drilled with hundreds of deep holes.

  • Organised Atoms – Then Try This

    Play with simple electronics to listen to the crystal structures of Cornish minerals.