Gwyrdh Glas (tr. Green Green), sits within Berriman’s ongoing project MESKLA | Brewyon Drudh (tr. Mussel Gathering | Precious Fragments) 2022-24, a multi-platform artwork that uses sculpture and conversation to explore contemporary Kernewek (Cornish) cultural identity and its relationship with heritage, land, and extraction industries, including tourism and mining. MESKLA offers space for play in making and for conversation around questions of cultural heritage and belonging.

During late summer and early autumn 2023, Berriman hosted workshops to make sculptures painted in colours that connect to participants’ identities, and to find the suitable Kernewek/Cornish language words for those colours. All of this will contribute to Berriman’s final exhibition at Flamm – featuring items made within the workshops, words of colours in Kernewek/Cornish language, and her first publicly exhibited film.

This project & events are also part of Counterpoints Arts’s Platforma 7 Festival.

About the Artist

Sovay Berriman takes a participative and collaborative approach to exploring significant social issues through her art. Her thought-provoking projects encourage dialogue from different perspectives, building new relationships and producing multi-layered, nuanced yet relatable works. She is currently engaged in an endeavour called MESKLA | Brewyon Drudh, launched in 2022. Sovay was selected for the Clore Visual Art Fellowship 2023.

Events at Flamm

Gwyrdh Glas Installation – Sovay Berriman

21 October, 2023 @ 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

Gwyrdh Glas Installation – Sovay Berriman

22 October, 2023 @ 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

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